Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Makes it Timeless: An Introduction

I have recently been reflecting and thinking a lot about Disney, etc. I like the articles that I write, but there simply aren't enough of them. And not only that, but they are all about news. While news is very important and I will continue posting on it, I want to do more to share my passion for all things Disney, Pixar, movies, and everything in-between.

That is why I am starting a new feature on Disney, etc. entitled What Makes it Timeless. I was inspired by the NPR series, What Makes it Great, which is a segment of their radio program in which Rob Kapilow, a renowned composer and conductor, discusses what makes our favorite songs so great. He goes into vivid detail regarding melody and the smallest things within the music that you'd never think to listen to--all in order to tell us what makes the song so great. I highly encourage you give the show a listen, especially when he discusses what makes Over the Rainbow so great--that one is my favorite.

Instead of music, I'm going to be writing about Disney movies, Pixar movies, shorts, scores, Disney songs, theme park attractions, theme park songs, studios in general, directors, producers, other Hollywood films, and even voice actors--I will delve into every facet of Disney, Pixar, and movies in general to describe just what it is that makes that specific thing timeless to us. Much like Rob Kapilow, I will be going beyond face value in order to discover why a certain film or song or ride makes our brain believe it to be so amazing and special. I'll combine each aspect, no matter how mundane or obvious, of the given film or song or studio in order to help describe why we like it so much.

This is very experimental and still in development, but, nevertheless, I am very excited to start sharing more of my opinions and ideas about animation, movies, Disney, Pixar, and everything in-between with all of you, my beloved readers.

Expect to see the first edition of What Makes it Timeless within the next few days. But I won't tell you what the topic is yet--that's a surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Disney's Virtual worlds like Club Penguin? Is this something timeless?

Love your blog. Thanks!