Monday, May 23, 2011

Star Tours 2.0 Video and Reviews

Star Tours 2.0, the reboot of everyone's Star Wars-inspired, 1980s attraction at Disneyland and Disney World, has officially opened at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios and is just a few weeks away from its June 3rd opening at Disneyland in California.

The above promotional video, released by Disney for the Florida attraction, should get you excited for the sure-to-be awesome attraction.

The reboot includes high-definition digital imagery in 3D, 54 possible adventures (so the ride's different almost every time), better motion simulation, and an updated queue.

According [<--SPOILER ALERT!] to LA Times' staff writer Brady MacDonald, the ride is "light-years better than the 1987 original," and is a "fantastic update to a venerable classic."

If you don't want the ride to be spoiled, check out this spoiler-free review from Inside the Magic. It mentions that, thankfully, "George Lucas and the Walt Disney Imagineers that have improved this attraction have found a perfect balance between the original beloved Star Wars trilogy and the good, but less-enjoyed prequels," and that the ride is "an update to a classic attraction that keeps the same fun spirit it has had for more than 20 years but enhances it with new technology and more stories, characters, and excitement to be had." It also includes a nice, spoiler-free video review of the attraction.

For other SPOILER-ific reviews, look at this one from Star Tours Live, this one at Behind the Thrills, and this one from Inside the Magic.

If you want a taste of the ride before going out to see it for yourself, check out this Star Tours 2.0 blog. They have a collection of YouTube videos taken in the actual ride. Obviously, these videos include major SPOILERS, since they are, uh, video of the ride.

The attraction is open in WDW and will be opening in a few weeks on June 3 at California's Disneyland.

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