Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'Up' gets Official PG Rating

Today the MPAA announced that Pixar's upcoming feature, Up, will be rated PG for "Some Peril and Action." No surprise here; after seeing the trailers and featurettes, you have to admit it looks like it is very action-packed.

Every other Pixar movie besides The Incredibles has gotten the milder rating of G. Bolt, the critically-acclaimed animated Disney film released last year (read my review here), received the same rating as Up for a very similar reason of "mild action and peril."

I do not think that this rating is that big of a deal; I don't predict any decline in the positive ratings or box office numbers due to this slightly more mature rating. You didn't see any of that with Bolt, and you won't with Up. Bottom line: everybody that has loved any of Pixar's last movies (and who hasn't?), is sure to see Up, regardless of "some peril and action." In fact, I think this PG rating makes the flick appear more exciting than previously thought. . .

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