Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Link Roundup

There hasn't been a ton of news lately, but there have been some interesting things that have come up in the last couple of days that are worth mentioning; not worth a whole post, but worth mentioning.

  • Blue Sky Disney, which always has wonderful and insightful Disney news, has a gorgeous gallery of art from one of my favorite animated features of all time, The Incredibles.

  • JoBlo has posted the poster for the upcoming live-action Disney film Old Dogs, which stars John Travolta and Robin Williams.

  • I love when Disneyland or any of the other Disney parks celebrate the anniversary of a ride. I especially love it when Shag is involved--his style is just so unique, and so cool. Anyways, Disney and More has a large gallery of the items designed by Shag for the Haunted Mansion's 40th anniversary.

  • The Pixar Blog has a pretty comprehensive article about Up's publicity push. It makes for a pretty good, quick read if you are as excited for Pixar's upcoming film as I am.

  • While we're talking about Up, I'll also mention that Upcoming Pixar also has a good article about the various pre-screenings of Up that have already taken place.
That's about all of the Disney, Pixar, Movie, Gadget, and every in-between news that's out there right now. The biggest thing happening right now is the very, very close release of Pixar's Up which comes out on May 29.

I can't wait! Can you?. . .

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