Monday, August 3, 2009

Lasseter-Endorsed Pooh Feature in the Works

Winnie the Pooh has humble beginnings and then exploded into popularity when a little company named Disney picked up the little furry bear and his friends. As of late, however, Disney hasn't been doing the original stories or even their original 'Adventures of Winnie the Pooh' toons justice. The terrible Playhouse Disney adaptation and the poorly done theme park ride are examples of the lack of quality Pooh things produced by Disney.

Now, things are starting to look up. Lasseter, as you know, knows something good when he hears it. Well, he has just heard a pitch for a straight-to-DVD Pooh film, and, he liked the story concept so much, that it is now going to be released as a theatrical release! The last film this happened to was Toy Story 2 which was set to be a straight-to-DVD film but was becoming so great during development that it moved to the big screen. Read much more about the film and its 2011 release at Blue Sky Disney.

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