Thursday, June 23, 2011

'Hawaiian Vacation' still, interview, and toys

Pixar released the above photo from the upcoming short Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation. You'll be able to see it before Cars 2 starting tomorrow! If you don't know yet, the basic premise is that Barbie and Ken stowaway in Bonnie's backpack, thinking they are going to Hawaii. When they wind up in her bedroom, however, Woody and the gang try to bring Hawaii to the plastic couple.

Read a short talk with the director, Gary Rydstrom, at AWN here. He discussed how they "wanted to give all the characters their moments, and this seemed like a good story to hang all the characters on."

I can't wait to see it!

Earlier today, while walking through the toy store to see if I could find any new Cars 2 toys, I stumbled upon the below toys--Woody and Buzz dressed in their luau attire. They are made, of course, by Thinkway Toys.

At $49.95 each, I couldn't get myself to pick them up just yet. However, Buzz in a grass skirt with a glow stick and Woody in a Lasseter-esque shirt, as you surely know, was incredibly hard to pass up. These puppies are Toys R Us exclusives, but you can check them out at the online store here and here. (Also check out the ones I didn't see, including Jessie, Ken and Barbie.)

See the short in theaters tomorrow, before every showing of Cars 2!!

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