Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emmy Winners Announced

The Emmys aired tonight, Sunday the 21st. It wasn't more or less special than usual, save Don Rickles. Here are some of the big winners of the night:

  • Best Comedy Series: 30 Rock, although I prefer The Office and Entourage.
  • Miniseries: John Adams
  • Actor in a Miniseries or Movie: Paul Giamatti for John Adams. I am very glad that Giamatti won this Emmy, it is his first, and he is a great actor.
  • Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program:Don Rickles, for Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project. I am so glad that Don Rickles won this award. He is a hilarious and great man. He is a great comedian, a hilarious Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story, and Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project was funny and interesting.

  • Directing for a Comedy: Barry Sonnenfeld, for Pushing Daisies. I am also glad that Mr. Sonnenfeld won this award, because Pushing Daisies is a truly great show with wit, humor, and great writing and directing. I am glad that this show is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

  • Variety, Music or Comedy Series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Personally, I like The Colbert Report, but Stewart has won this one almost every year, so, there ya go.
  • Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Series: The Colbert Report. I love this show, and the Emmy was well-deserved. I also loved Colbert's prune joke during the Emmys.

Those are the ones that I thought were worth mentioning. Although Mad Men and 30 Rock may have swept the competition, I believe that The Colbert Report, Pushing Daisies, and Don Rickles were the best award recipients, and I am glad that they are getting the recognition that is well-deserved.

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