Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pete Docter Sketches

I sent Pete Docter (the director of Monsters, Inc. and Up) a letter. I told Mr. Docter about how much I admire him, my aspirations for a possible career at Pixar, and I asked if I could get something small signed by him. (I have done this with several other great people as well--John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Ralph Eggleston, and more--you can see the scans here).

Well, this time I got more than I expected. Here is what I received from Pete Docter, one of the most influential and important people at Pixar, the best animation studio on the planet. Here is what Mr. Docter sent me (click for a high res version):

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Anonymous said...

Hey, i love seeing these signings and replies. They look really special.