Monday, September 7, 2009

Pixar Team Awarded at Venice

The Venice Film Festival is underway, and the Pixar creative team just took center stage at the awards ceremony. John Lasseter and directors Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Brad Bird, and Lee Unkrich were given the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement prize earlier today.

Lasseter said, during the ceremony, that: "Our dream is always simple: to entertain our audiences around the world."

(Well, Mr. Lasseter, you have definitely succeeded there.)

The prize was awarded by George Lucas, who, of course, was once a huge part of Pixar. Later, Lasseter told reporters that he thought "anybody else when they sell a company and the company goes on to be very successful, they would feel like they missed out, [but] George Lucas is so proud of us and we are so thankful to him."

Congratulations, Team Pixar.

Source: Associated Press

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