Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Toy Story 3' News: The 'Art Of' and a New Still

(At Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich's request, I have taken down a portion of this post so that all of you can enjoy the film even more. Sorry about that, Lee!)

The Art of Toy Story 3 page is up on Amazon. The list price is $40.00 and it's up on Amazon for $26.40. The release date is scheduled for May 26, 2010. The product page states that the book "includes an extended introduction showcasing the art and story development behind the first two films, a special gatefold of Toy Story 3 color scripts, as well as a gallery of over 250 pieces of concept art. This deluxe volume provides a memorable narrative of the entire Toy Story trilogy." The book includes a preface by John Lasseter and a foreword by Director Lee Unkrich and Producer Darla K. Anderson.

And, the final piece of Toy Story 3 news is a brand new still image from the film. Judging by the background, I'm guessing this still is when the toys first enter the (eventually terrifying) daycare center.

Toy Story 3 will come out on June 18, 2010, and I cannot wait a second longer...

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