Monday, February 15, 2010

New 'Despicable Me' Trailer

Above you will find the new trailer for Despicable Me. It will be, obviously, an animated feature, have an all-star cast featuring Steve Carell, and be released later this year.

I am still not quite sure what to make of this movie. So far, it appears that all they have is a premise. And an unoriginal one at that: a supervillain is the story's main character. The presence of the usual crutches that replace a weak story are also all in place: an all-star cast that is being flaunted more than the actual film, one-liner jokes, and, of course, the all-too-familiarly embarrassing pop culture references. This film screams Monsters vs. Aliens--no story, just decent animation, 3D, and jokes.

But I could be wrong. It could be that the one creating the trailers happened to like Monsters vs. Aliens (I know, I know, it is hard to believe that somebody liked it). After all, trailers can be deceiving. The animation in the trailer was, actually, pretty great. And it was funny, I'll give it that. However, you know me; I want story. Story is what's important, and story is what I haven't seen anything of yet.

Let's hope we start seeing a strong story when the next trailer comes out...


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