Sunday, May 2, 2010

New 'Toy Story 3' Toys

Toy Story 3 is coming out in just over a month, and I know how excited you must be. So, in order to at least partially quench your Toy Story thirst, here's a comprehensive list of all of the brand new Toy Story 3 toys:

New Additions to the Toy Story Collection:


Here's the synopsis from

This Toy Story Collection: Jessie Action Figure lets you yodel along with your favorite cowgirl. Just pull the string of this interactive deluxe replica of the yodeling cowgirl from the Woody's Roundup TV show to hear 33 sayings from the movie.

It will be available on June 1, and will cost $59.50. It is available for pre-order at

This is one toy from the official collection that, honestly, I could do without. Sure, it'd be cool to own all of them, but I don't think I'd ever actually play with this one (like I play with the other ones, anyways). Oh well, if I ever have $60 lying around, I might pick one up.

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear

Here's the synopsis from

The sweet-smelling star of Toy Story 3 has a lot to say for himself with this Toy Story Collection: Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear Plush by Thinkway Toys. This accurate replica of Lotso has a soft side and responds to hugs, tickles and your voice!

It will be available on June 1, and will cost $59.50. It is available for pre-order at

I am definitely getting this one. Although I haven't seen the film yet, I am sure that I'm going to love Lotso. Plus, he seems to be such a cuddly toy that there's no way I can resist. And, if that's not enough, he's strawberry-scented!

Mr. Potato Head

Here's the synopsis from

Every Toy Story will be hungry to play with this Toy Story Collection: Mr Potato Head Action Figure. Our animated Mr. Potato Head with part popping action and featuring the original movie voice is the definitive collector's edition.

If this toy didn't have the Don Rickles voicebox or the popping parts I wouldn't get it. Enough said.

New LEGO Sets:

I haven't seen any details on these, except for a post at The Disney Blog. Apparently, there are three or so new Toy Story LEGO sets inspired by the third film that haven't been released yet. Take a look at the pictures at the Disney Blog, but be forewarned that they do contain spoilers.

(Oh, and I am definitely getting the LEGO train set.)


If you don't want to spend as much money on a Lotso Bear, they have a cheaper, equally cuddly plush version for only $16.50. And, it's available now. You can see his picture at the top of this post.

Some other new Toy Story plush toys include Chunk ($8.50), Stretch ($8.50), and the super-cool Woody and Buzz Pook-a-looz ($12.50 each).

There's all of the new Toy Story 3 toys! I'm gonna definitely get the Lotso and Mr. Potato Head, but would love to get them all. But, even more than buying the toys, I want to see Toy Story 3! Only 46 days now...


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