Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quench Your Toy Story Thirst: Lots of Interviews, Articles, Videos, and More [UPDATED!]

This is it, folks. Toy Story 3 is right around the corner; we have just one more week until we get to see Pixar's eleventh feature in all of its glory.

If you think that the wait is going to be impossible, I have good news for you: this is a super-duper mega post packed to the brim with interviews, videos, featurettes, advertisements, and more, all about Toy Story 3. This thing will take you about a week to get through, then, without you even realizing where the time went, it will be time for you to see the third installment of Pixar's most lovable franchise.

So, without further ado, here's a slew of Toy Story 3 stuff to indulge yourself with:

Two Video Interviews with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen:

There are some great quotes in those interviews. Especially when Tom talks about how emotional he and Tim got during Jessie's song in Toy Story 2. It just shows how powerful Pixar's unique attention to story can be.

TrailerAddict has released 3 new clips from Toy Story 3:

The New York Times has a very interesting article about how director Lee Unkrich and production designer Bob Pauley designed all of the new characters that we'll see in Toy Story 3. Unkrich describes how his "primary goal was to not screw it up. I really wanted to stay true to the world and the characters."

In an article on AMC's, Michael Keaton discusses (in great and humorous detail) his TS3 character, Ken.

And, finally, Google and Disney teamed up to bring you the following advertisement. I love these Google commercials, and the fact that it's Toy Story makes it 10 times better. Very clever and cool. It will show before most, if not all, showings of Toy Story 3:

UPDATE: Here are two featurettes entitled Old Friends, New Places and New Faces, respectively. Cast and crew discuss various aspects of making Pixar's next feature. Enjoy:

Wasn't that great?! That took your mind off of the excruciating wait for at least an hour, plus, it was really interesting! I hope you enjoyed the super-mega Toy Story 3 post. Stay tuned for more TS3 news as June 18 gets ever closer.

Only 6 more days...

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