Friday, July 23, 2010

Sequel to 'Nemo' in the Works?

Pixar has gone a bit sequel-crazy lately. Toy Story 3 just came out, Cars 2 is slated for next summer, and Monsters, Inc. 2 is just around the corner. It makes you wonder what other film continuations the geniuses at Pixar might have in the works.

Well, it just so happens that Jim Hill might have the answer. He has recently discovered that Disney has just registered various new domain names:


Now, of course, just registering a domain name doesn't mean that Pixar is planning on turning their popular underwater adventure into a trilogy, but it certainly means that they're thinking about it.

What would you think of a Finding Nemo 2 and 3?

Personally, I am against the idea. Don't get me wrong--I absolutely loved Toy Story 2 and 3, and I am very excited for Cars 2 and Monsters, Inc. 2, but I just love to see completely original stuff come out of Pixar. Don't you remember how you felt after, most recently, Up and WALL-E? Sure, re-visiting old friends is fun and all, but it is much more fun and interesting to experience brand new characters in a brand new, Pixar-created universe.

If they do end up making a sequel to Finding Nemo, I'm sure they'll have a good reason for it. Like Mr. John Lasseter says about sequels: "Great sequels make the original even better. Sequels that rehash the same thing make the original less good in my mind. And to me, the value of building a franchise that will last forever for a company lies in that everything you do with those characters be better than the last."

So, if Finding Nemo 2 is better than the first, bring it on Pixar. But, first, how about some brand new characters and a little bit less with the sequels? Just for now anyways...

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William Jardine said...

Leave the freaking sequels alone...
OK, TS2 is my favourite film ever:
TS3 was amazing;
Cars 2 looks really good;
I'm insanely hyped for Monsters, Inc. 2,
But I desperately want new films, I am so annoyed by newt being cancelled...
Oh God...