Saturday, August 14, 2010

'Pirates' Filming in Hawaii Completed

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides began filming on Kauai's Napali Coast on June 14 this year. They have been constantly filming in Hawaii since then, at Oahu, Halona Beach Cove, and, mostly, at Kaneohe's Heeia Cove aboard Blackbeard's infamous vessel, the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Videos like the one above have been popping up all around YouTube as hundreds of guests gathered each night to watch their favorite pirate battle Mr. Edward Teach. Those on the island didn't get to see much of the stars during their off-hours, although Johnny Depp would always greet the crowds when he showed up for the day's shoot, and would occasionally be seen at various restaurants around town.

Expect to see the film, very surprisingly, released next year. I'd also expect to see a teaser trailer premiere before Rapunzel later this year.

I can't wait to see more of Captain Jack Sparrow, one of my favorite characters of all time...

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