Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Star Wars' in 3D Coming Soon (And Why It's A Great Thing)

LucasFilm announced today that they are currently preparing all six Star Wars films for re-release into theaters under the popular 3D format. They will begin by releasing Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 2012 to select theaters worldwide.

If you read Disney, etc. regularly, you'll know that I hate 3D. I despise it. 3D is the scourge of the entertainment industry and should be stopped at all costs. It is an empty gimmick void of any reason to exist. However, surprisingly enough, I am not completely against the idea of LucasFilm re-releasing the complete Star Wars saga in 3D. I am not against seeing Anakin in 3-Dimensions for two main reasons: it will help kill 3D once and for all, and I want to see Star Wars in theaters again.

3D is a conspiracy, contrived by greedy studio heads who will do anything to pinch a few of their precious pennies. Here's how: Films screened in the 3D format require digital projectors. Digital projectors save studios thousands of dollars per theater due to the costly production, storage, and transportation of digital's alternative: old-fashioned film reels. By pushing 3D, the studios are hoping to get more and more theaters to install these cheap digital projectors, thus saving the studios millions.

When Star Wars gets released back into theaters, it is going to be an epic event. Every theater is going to want to cash in on the world's most popular film franchise. If any theater out there was still on the fence about installing a digital projector, this will make up their mind. By releasing six 3D films of this massive proportion, LucasFilm has successfully killed 3D. By pushing all theaters to install these digital projectors, they are effectively removing the need for future 3D films.

In addition to its killing 3D, Star Wars' re-release is exciting because I want to see the saga on the big screen again, no matter how many dimensions it's in. I love Star Wars, and thinking about settling down in the dark, cool theater with my bucket of popcorn (and annoying 3D glasses) to watch one of the greatest film franchises ever made makes me very excited indeed.

Stay tuned for more Star Wars and 3D news...

Source: Variety


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