Monday, March 28, 2011

New 'Brave' Art

EW has just released some exclusive concept art from Pixar's upcoming film Brave. The art is spectacular, and features great landscapes of Scotland, as well as some new looks at what the main character, Merida, might look like.

Also announced in the article is the fact that, although Brenda Chapman was taken off the project as director and replaced by Mark Andrews, they are both going to be credited as director upon the film's release.

The short article on EW does a wonderful job summarizing the project, and, at the same time, getting me really excited for June of next year...

Expect to see a lot more news leaking about Brave once we get Cars 2 out of the way this June.


Bruce said...

That concept art is really stunning, but the article makes no mention if it’s a hand-drawn or CGI film. I’m assuming CGI since it wasn’t mentioned, so the final product will look significantly different. No matter though, I’m on board 100%.

I also like that they will be competing with Disney at what they made their name on – fairy tales. Brave will even have comic relief sidekicks! So cool that the top-notch storytellers at Pixar will be tackling a fairy tale!

A little troubling about the change in director but the same thing happened with Ratatouille and that’s my favorite Pixar film, so maybe not that troubling. Very exciting! I can't wait for summer 2012!

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