Sunday, September 18, 2011

More on Pixar's 'La Luna'

Pixar's short film, La Luna, is getting more and more buzz by the second.

Maybe it's because the film will soon be released to all audiences in just half a year, attached to Brave. Perhaps it's because, unlike other Pixar shorts, La Luna has already premiered and been shown at numerous film festivals. But the most likely reason? It is getting rave reviews from all over the place.

Mike over at The Pixar Blog got to talk with the director, Enrico Casarosa, which you can read about here. They talk about everything from its arduous production to its unique premiere to its unparalleled sound design. Oh, and Michael Giacchino, who is "really a storyteller." It's a rather stimulating read, which makes me jealous that Mike got to see the short already. Psh. Anyways, he says the short is the "most artistic short to date, marked by simplicity, beautiful visuals and sound, and a boldly European feel".

Stitch Kingdom has a nice article summarizing the short and its inspirations, as well as a contest for a signed poster.

The Pixar Times gives us a look at the short via the concept art on the left, drawn by Enrico, as well as a 30-second clip below.

La Luna will be attached to Brave summer next year. And I cannot wait to see it. It looks just plain wonderful.

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