Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apple News Updates

I'm sure you've heard about this, but Apple has made many announcements in the past week, and mostly on last Tuesday. These include (with links and pictures!):

1. A new, fancy iPod Nano with a tall screen, 9 color options, video support, and a neat shake-to-shuffle functionality.

2. A new installment of the iPod Touch, with a new shape similar to that of the iPhone 3G, as well as other minor changes.

3. And, finally, a 2.1 update for iPhones everywhere, which includes Genius Playlist creation on-the-go, as well as improved signal strength and battery life, as well as numerous other "bug fixes".

The new nano is a great improvement over the last model (which looked like it was run over by a car). The new iPod Touch looks better than its predecessor, and I am very excited about the 2.1 update, who's "bug fixes" are sorely needed. Although the event on Tuesday went great, and the products are a success, as usual, this event wasn't quite as epic as usual, due to a lot of leaks before hand. Oh well, Apple remains the king of media players, and the owner of the best smart phone on the market.

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