Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pixar Honored by Vanity Fair

The Vanity Fair 100: The New Establishment list was released today. It has many prominent people awarded for their movies, TV shows, governance, and journalism, among other things.

Why am I bringing this list up? Well, Pixar has four people on this list...who are all found in the top 28 positions. Steve Jobs can be found in slot #4 on the list. He earned this slot through his extremely successful computer company Apple, and through his generous contributions to the world's best animation company, Pixar.

But that's not all. Brad Bird, John Lasseter, and Andrew Stanton are tied for #28 on the list! Vanity credits them for being the "greatest rolls in entertainment history" for having "produced nine straight commercial and artistic winners".

I am very glad that Pixar is getting all of the recognition they deserve. Their movies truly are pheonomenal works of entertaining, comedic, action-packed art with fantastic animation.

Source: The Pixar Blog

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