Sunday, February 1, 2009

WALL-E Ignored at Annie Awards

Briefly: The Annie Awards took place last night; they focus on the animation category. WALL-E, the top rated movie of last year, the Golden Globe winner for Animation, the winner of several Rotten Tomatoes awards, was ignored at this year's Annie Awards. Kung Fu Panda was the big winner this year with 10 awards. I think that Kung Fu Panda was an OK movie, but WALL-E was much, much better. Kung Fu Panda's sweep was also somewhat negative towards Pixar because it beat Ratatouille's 9 award record from last year's Annie Awards.

Whether this is due to the fact that Katzenberg (the CEO of Dreamworks Animation) is an unscrupulous guy with very deep pockets, or if it is due to Ratatouille's success last year, or if it is due to the fact that Dreamworks Animation was the main "Gold" sponsor of the Annie Awards, I do not think that WALL-E was given proper recognition.

Oh well, congratulations to all of the winners, and I just know that WALL-E will sweep the Oscars.

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Anonymous said...

I think you've totally missed the mark. Wall-E, although a masterpiece of true cinematic story telling, was not a ground breaking work of animation.

Panda demonstrated an integration and orchestration of classic Chinese art styles, typography/iconography, color, and composition that was tightly marching in time with the character animation that was driving the story. They also pioneered some innovative animation techniques in a couple of the really exciting action sequences.

That kind of total integration just isn't part of what Pixar focuses on. Panda was/is superior to Wall-E and Ratatouille in many ways for just these reasons.

Panda's wins were well deserved as were Ratatouille's last year..