Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disney Parks Merchandise Online is Nice, Wrong

Within the past few months, has been adding more and more items to its "Disney Parks" section of online merchandise. I am somewhat peeved about this section of the site--it makes the hunting for souvenirs at the actual park seem much less special. Allowing anybody to purchase a "Disney Parks" product anywhere at anytime suddenly makes it just an item--it isn't a Disney Park item anymore. They should keep online merchandise online and theme park merchandise in the theme parks. Otherwise, separating the items into these categories is completely meaningless.

That being said, I am very interested in some of the items that they have in their Disney Parks section. Don't get me wrong, I am completely against Disney having this section in their online store, but I am still willing to look and start my budget for my next visit. I would never purchase something from this section--it would just feel wrong. Anyways, here are some great items that I have found from the "Disney Parks" section of that I thought you might like. You can look, but I don't recommend buying unless it is when you're face-to-face with a cast member. Well, I'd better start saving now...

''Partners'' Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Statue, $135. The infamous statue replica is 9" tall.

Walt Disney World Resort Main Steeet U.S.A. Window Replica: Elias Disney, Limited Edition 250, $50. One of the great and well-known windows from Main Street that gives homage to Walt's father. 9" tall.

Walt Disney World Resort Main Steeet U.S.A. Window Replica: Roy E. Disney, Limited Edition 250, $50. Another one of the Main Street windows for good ol' Roy. 9" tall.

Wishing Well Sleeping Beauty Sculpture, Limited Edition 750, $75. Very nice and simple design. 9.5" tall.

I'd briefly like to point out something funny that I noticed. You can see it above. On the item page for both of the above mentioned Main Street windows, Disney has titled them "Main Steeet Windows," instead of "Main Street Windows." Even Disney makes mistakes.

There are plenty other items on the site, but even more at the actual parks. The "Disney Parks" section of is nice to look at and a good tool to get excited for an upcoming trip to Disneyland, but I am firmly against purchasing any of the items online. I'll wait for when I am at the happiest place on earth, thank you very much.

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