Friday, June 6, 2008

3G iPhone Rumors and Wishlist

With the 3G iPhone due to be announced in only a mere 2 days, there are several things that I'd love to see, several things that rumored to be, and some things that are sure to be.

Sure to be (what is imminent, and 99.99% gonna be there):

  • 3G capabilities. A lot more efficient, a lot faster.

Rumored to be (don't always trust the internet...but, who knows? They could be right...)
  • More RAM. Goes Faster. Easier to use complex apps. Entirely possible.
  • GPS. Almost a sure thing, and, boy, wouldn't that be great?
  • Better camera. 2 megapixels, no zoom, and no video makes for a pretty lame camera on a "revolutionary device". I hope they fixed that.
  • Better battery. Doesn't seem to make sense due to the power-hungry GPS and 3G being present...
  • 22% thinner than the current iPhone. This is a little bit farfetched because 3G and GPS take up room, but it sure isn't impossible...
Wishlist (what I want to see...some repeats from above.)
  • More RAM. It just makes it alot easier, and nicer to use.
  • GPS. That way I'll never get lost.
  • Better camera. I would use the iPhone's camera so much more if it could zoom, was better quality, and had video capabilities.
  • Battery life. I'm not complainin', but everybody can always use more battery life, right?
  • 3G, which is a given. Faster. Better.
More rumors are sure to surface between now and Monday, and, although they could be truthful, the only real way to know for sure is to sit in silence and await Monday, June 9, when all will be revealed...or will it?

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