Friday, August 1, 2008

The 30 Best iPhone Applications

The App Store is great. It adds so much more functionality, depth, and fun to the already awesome iPhone. One thing that the App Store is without, however, is a “try before you buy” demo-type system. Due to the lack of this, a list of my favorite free and paid apps will be listed here so you won’t need to waste your money or time on bad apps. There is a link after each app description, this link leads directly to the iTunes Store.

My 15 favorite free iPhone apps:

Shazam- A truly great song recognition application. If you hear a song playing that you enjoy, hit the “tag now” button, it takes about 20 seconds, then you get the album art, artist, and album. You are also given a direct link to watch the YouTube video and a link purchase the song in the iTunes Music Store. It works great for me, perhaps my favorite app for the iPhone. Get it.

BubbleWrap- A fun little game where you get to pop bubble wrap. Great sound effects. Get it.

Cookie Bonus Solitaire- Just normal solitaire for the iPhone. Pretty flawless for being free. (Screen shot is that of desktop version, no chat in iPhone platform). Get it.

Cube Runner- A game where you are simply an arrow flying through a 3D world of cubes. You steer around the cubes using the accelerometer. Multiple difficulties. Very fun. Get it.

The Dark Knight: HaHaHa- Add Joker make-up and phrases to your pictures. This app could use some work, but, afterall, it is free. Get it.

iPint- The little “bonus game” on this one is the most fun. Turn your iPhone into a mug, fill it up, and make it seem like you are actually drinking out of it! Really neat app to show off your iPhone. Get it.

PhoneSaber- A lightsaber for your iPhone. Multiple color choices, awesome sound effects, and an excellent use of the accelerometer. One of my favorites. Get it.

Pandora- A great radio for the iPhone. Plays songs based on your favorite artists and styles. Get it.

More Cowbell!- This app is really funny. It is based on the SNL skit with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell. There is a picture of a cowbell, and then Walken yells, “I need more cowbell!” you touch the cowbell, it makes noise, and when you stop, Walken yells some more. Pretty dumb, yet awesome. Get it.

Remote- Awesome app that allows you to control your iTunes library from your iPhone. Get it.

Google Mobile- Quick searching, as well as other features, all optimized for the iPhone. Get it.

Jott- I used this long before I got an iPhone. Speak into the mic, select a contact, and then that contact receives your voiced message as text. Includes other features as well. Awesome. Get it.

Talking Spanish Phrase Book- What more can I say?... Get it.

Yelp- Uses your location to find businesses near by. Includes reviews, descriptions, etc. Get it.

- A simple tool to turn your iPhone into a flashlight, strobe light, and multi-colored light. Get it.

My 15 favorite paid iPhone apps:
Lumina- $1.99. ‘Simon Says’ for the iPhone. Good UI and sound effects. Very fun and cheap. Buy it.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart Racing- $9.99. A fun cart racing game. It may be a bit pricey, but the fact that it has Crash makes up for that. Buy it.

de Blob- $7.99. A fun game that has a lot of depth. It combines the accelerometer and multi-touch flawlessly. Buy it.

Labyrinth- $6.99. A maze with obstacles. You navigate through it using the accelerometer, very fun, and very smooth game play. Buy it.

Texas Hold’em- $4.99. Just what you’d expect. Texas Hold’em Poker with great graphics and multiple levels. Buy it.

Tic-Tac-Touch: FS5- $1.99. One or two player Tic-Tac-Toe. Easy and fun with multiple difficulties. Buy it.

Touch Tennis: FS5- $1.99. Like a modern version of ‘Pong’ with good sound effects and smooth game play. Buy it.

Quordy- $2.99. A Boggle-type game for the iPhone. Utilizes the accelerometer and the wide touch screen. Has a vast dictionary of words and is very fun. Buy it.

Trism- $4.99. A puzzle game that reminds me of Bejeweled, but is better. Uses the accelerometer and the touch screen. Multiple modes and levels. Buy it.

Super Monkey Ball- $9.99. A bit pricey, but has great graphics, lots of levels, and uses the accelerometer very well. Buy it.

Band- $9.99. Multiple instruments for your iPhone. Buy it.

Sketches- $7.99. Drawing app, add shapes, lines, etc. to existing pictures or a blank canvas. Buy it.

Scrabble- $9.99. Classic Scrabble game made by EA Games. A bit too expensive, though. Buy it.

South Park Imaginationland- $9.99. Help Butters get through Imaginationland! Pretty expensive and simple, but you gotta love South Park! Buy it.

Etch-a-Sketch- $4.99. Drawing app. Use your fingers or knobs, and shake to erase. Buy it.

Now you know what apps are worth your time and money. If I come across any other truly great apps I will write a brief post about it so that you can make sure you have all of the highest of quality apps available.

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