Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pete Docter's Treehouse

Pete Docter, director of Monsters, Inc. and UP, is planning his dream house. This house will be located in Lafayette, California. It will be built on 15-acres of land, and consist of 3 treehouses, a suspension bridge, a two-story house on a hill, and an underground garage. Here are the plans:

As you can see, this is quite the house. In fact, one of the architects helping out has helped Disney. The house will be camouflaged and secluded from many other houses with a 500 foot-long driveway. I hope that this project goes through, it will be an amazing home.

Source: The Pixar Blog

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Anonymous said...

We(Ogletree's Welding and Fabrication) are currently in the process of building the treehouse!!