Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pixar Honors Employess with Buzz Statues [UPDATED]

A set of pictures on Flickr depict a large set of tall, heavy and presumably bronze Buzz Lightyear statues. Each statue has a Pixar employee's name, as well as the words "10 Years of Passion & Commitment", written on the base. The statues were awarded two days ago as a thank you to all employees who have been with Pixar for at least 10 years. Employees who have worked at Pixar for 20 years were awarded a very special Woody statue. All statues were designed by the wonderful and gifted Jerome Ranft. 205 of the very cool Buzz Lightyear awards were handed out to the talented Pixar veterans.

Update: More photos have emerged on Flickr:

Source: The Pixar Blog


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