Sunday, February 8, 2009

'Up' Screening Results

Briefly: Pixar's next feature film, Up comes out on May 29. There has been a lot of buzz around it, but nobody has actually gotten to see any footage besides that revealed in trailers and UPisodes...until now.

Yesterday, at New York Comic Con, a crowd of very lucky people got to view 45 minutes of Up. The results are all positive and everybody loves it. The movie is sure to be another smash hit by Pixar! You can read various reviews of this special screening on, Cinematical, and, but be careful, there are many spoliers throughout the reviews!

Here is a short synopsis from of what was shown at the New York Comic Con. Be advised, spoliers ahead!

Up kicks off with Carl as a kid. He's watching the video of an adventurer who traveled to Paradise Falls in South America and returned claiming to have discovered a new species. Scientist thought it was a hoax and he was discredited, but Carl was hooked - he wanted to be an adventurer, too. He eventually meets Ellie, who has the same adventuresome spirit, and we see a montage of their life together until Ellie has passed away. Here's where we pick up again - Carl is now 78 years old and grumpy. We all know what happens next, considering we've seen the trailer. We meet the annoying Russell, then away he goes in his house.

Up's DougSo what happens after that? Well after hitting a storm and being spun out of control, the two wake up not knowing where they are. After eventually working their way to the ground and tethering the house behind them with to drag it along in the air, they discover that they're already at Paradise Falls. But in their walk through the jungle, they first encounter a giant, colorful bird with a long red beak that Russell nicknames Kevin. The bird doesn't speak, but it's really goofy. It befriends Russell but doesn't like Carl too much. It's a huge bird and is quite acrobatic, throwing Russell around and provoking lots of laughs.

But it gets better. A few minutes later we hear another voice. At first Carl thinks its another person, but we soon see it's a talking dog named Doug. That's him seen to the right on the newest poster, and the bird is hidden in there too - his head is sticking out of the right side of the house. Let me explain - Doug has a collar around his neck that his master made for him that allows us to hear his thoughts. It's not as crazy as it sounds and believe me, it works, and it works very well. It's exactly like if you were to give a voice to a domesticated dog, meaning he even stops every so often and exclaims "squirrel!" out of nowhere. He's probably the funniest part of the movie I've seen so far. Soon afterward we're introduced to three more dogs, two of which are bulldogs, one of which is a doberman pinscher.

That was a synopsis by Alex Billington from of what was shown during the special screening! Very exciting! I cannot wait for May 29 when the film is finally released.

Source: Upcoming Pixar

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