Thursday, April 9, 2009

California Adventure Changes Begin to Take Shape!

About a year ago, Disney announced their plan to do a major overhaul of Disney's California Adventure. They had plans to add a huge, new Carsland, theme the entire park to match California in the 1920s, and many other much needed improvements including new attractions and refurbishments. These changes should be completed by around 2012, but they have already begun work, and some aspects of the renovation are already completed.

One of my least favorite parts of DCA was the boardwalk games. They were boring, unoriginal, and made Disney look like it was just trying to make a quick buck. Well, after some renovations and re-theming, I can't wait to get to the park and see the new games! They look amazing, see a photo gallery on the MiceChat forum here. The games now feature everybody's favorite Disney characters and other neat details that make these games uniquely Disney. See a video of the wonderful new boardwalk games below:

More progress is being made on Paradise Pier since the Sun Wheel is transforming into Mickey's Fun Wheel! The Mickey Mouse head from the concept art that can be found below has been added to the Ferris wheel, as can be seen in this sadly poor quality photo:

Concept Art:

Addition of the Mickey to the Sun Wheel (now Mickey's Fun Wheel!):

That's about all of the updates for now. Although, there was a pretty interesting rumor brought up on Blue Sky Disney that states "Iger is getting worried John Lasseter is spreading himself too thin and hanging out in the parks too much". I think that this is a far-fetched thing for Iger to say, and, if he does actually think this, I think Lasseter can handle himself--a funny rumor nonetheless.

I'll keep you updated as more DCA park renovations are completed; especially Carsland, The Little Mermaid dark ride, Buena Vista Street, and much, much more!

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