Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tom Hanks Talks All About Making 'Toy Story 3'

Toy Story 3 is the next Pixar film after the soon-to-be-released Up. As such, it is already starting to gets its fair share of Hollywood buzz (no pun intended). Tom Hanks, as you most likely know, plays Woody, the film franchise's main character alongside Buzz Lightyear. Tom Hanks did an interview with Empire Magazine, and had some very, very interesting things to share.

The most interesting to me, was that Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and John Ratzenberger all sat in a theater and watched "a complete story reel of the entire movie, with storyboards moving from one to the next, and the people up at Pixar recorded some voices with some music and sound effects." I found this pretty amusing: they saw the film before reading the script. According to Hanks, right after the viewing, the three of them said, "This is great, let's get to work!"

I have always been so intrigued with these early stages of Pixar's films. I would love to see exactly what Hanks saw at that viewing; it would be very entertaining to compare the early moving storyboards and scratch voices with the final product. I hope Pixar will eventually add these very early versions of their movies as bonuses on DVDs. Oh well, at least we get the "Art of" books. . .

Tom Hanks also shared with Empire the fact that he has done three major recording sessions for the animated flick, and he plans to do another in around eight months. He then goes on to discuss that: "Then eight months after that I'll do a mop-up and have three more sessions after that. Those movies are beasts."

You heard it from Mr. Tom Hanks himself: Pixar's "movies are beasts."

Read the full article here, and keep checking back for the latest and greatest news all about Toy Story 3, and everything else about Disney, Pixar, Movies, Gadgets, and everything in-between.

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