Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Burton to Creep-ify 'Sleeping Beauty' Next

Alice in Wonderland, a new take on a classic novel and a Disney animated film, will be released later this year. It is being directed, as you probably know, by the visionary Tim Burton. But what you may not know is that Burton is also set to direct a "re-telling" of a different classic Disney film, Sleeping Beauty. It will be produced by Disney and will be titled Maleficent. It will focus on the story of the antagonist rather than the heroine Aurora. Just like the upcoming Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent will be live-action (and will almost definitely be in 3D), and, of course, will be creepy.

There are currently no details relating to a release date or any other members of the cast (but it is a sure bet that Depp will be in it--possibly as Prince Philip?). We will know soon enough...

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