Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Three-Dimensional Mess

If you regularly read Disney, etc., you know that I hate 3D. It is a cheap gimmick created by movie studios to reduce their costs. It doesn't make movies better, but it makes them more expensive to make and to see, and it is just an empty trick.

Well, it would appear that the movie studios are still pushing hard on their 3D con, because there is currently an overcrowding problem with 3D films. Even though 3D was created to make theaters install more digital projectors, they haven't yet. Many movie theaters only have two or three digital projectors. This doesn't seem like a problem, but it is. Currently, Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon are the big ticket items of the 3D world. There's probably one 3D screen for each at every theater in America due to the lack of digital projectors. However, Clash of the Titans in 3D will come out next week. Theaters are still making money on Alice and How to Train Your Dragon, but Clash of the Titans is a potential blockbuster that they won't want to ignore. What is a theater to do?

Even though I hate 3D, I wish that theaters would hurry up and install more digital projectors. That way, studios will cease shoving 3D down our throats since their con will be complete and their costs will be significantly reduced (digital projectors mean that studios don't need to produce, store, or ship film reels).

Only time will tell us the future of 3D, but I think it looks rather bleak for the cheap gimmick. However, it will continue going strong until theaters address this overcrowding problem and install more digital projectors, but that is exactly what the studio execs want to happen. What an interesting and unfortunate three-dimensional mess.

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Lani D said...

I am with you on this. I perused my local cinema's movie schedule and saw printed "Clash Of The Titans 2D". It exasperates me that there might be a future where movies must change their titles to differentiate themselves from the novelty of 3D.