Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Toy Story 3' at ShoWest

Yesterday, Toy Story 3 premiered at ShoWest (a convention for movie theater exhibitors) in fabulous Las Vegas. The film was 85% animated and partially scored, but the consensus among the audience members seems to be fairly unanimous: Pixar has an eleventh masterpiece on their hands. While they aren't allowed to reveal anything about the plot, the critics still have a lot to say:

  • Cinema Blend "Toy Story 3 fits perfectly in line with the Pixar legacy, and almost definitely represents the 11th hit in a row for the remarkable studio ...I guarantee you will enjoy this film."
  • Jim Hill Media "For starters, you should bring Kleenex. Lots & lots of Kleenex. Because I can guarantee you that you’re going to spend a good portion of the last 30 minutes of this film in tears...I sat in that hall today surrounded by hardened industry professionals. Exhibitors who care more about how much popcorn & soda they’re selling than the movies they’re currently showing at their multiplexes. And these jaded theater owners – as Toy Story 3 entered the home stretch – were openly weeping. Tears streaming down hundreds of faces..."
  • "Like the best Pixar movies, it's consistently funny, exciting and moving, sometimes all three at the same time... Toy Story 3 is the type of movie that I could definitely see again right away..."
  • Entertainment Weekly "This might be one you sneak off to see with your spouse after you’ve watched it once with the kids."
Well, that's quite the accolades for one showing of a film. And a film that's only 85% done. Toy Story 3 already has rave reviews, and the film can only get better from here.

Day & Night, the short coming before Toy Story 3 was also shown and has equally ecstatic reviews. From ScreenCrave: "It was amazing. Simple and smooth, yet poignant and sentimental. The use of colors and sometimes the lack of color, mixed with the fluid and continual movement of the characters was exceptional, even more so than some of their past shorts. . . They manage to cover everything that they achieve with their feature length films in a matter of well placed moments and looks without and unnecessary dialogue. Truly amazing."

Some other tidbits of Pixar news from ShoWest include the above theater display that I'd love to get my hands on, a deal with Dolby, and news about Toy Story 3's soundtrack.

This is all great news! I knew Toy Story 3 would be great, but the great reviews it's getting makes me want to see it even more.

93 days and counting...

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