Monday, April 4, 2011

'Cars 2' Viral campaign

Above you will find a viral advertisement for Cars 2 released by Pixar. What on the surface appears to be a low-quality commercial for a cheesy Emeryville Car Company is actually a clue that leads to, what Mr. Lasseter calls, in sticking with the subject matter of Cars 2, "top secret" footage from Cars 2.

The video, which is accessible through, was recently promoted at WonderCon in San Francisco.

I won't spoil the fun of finding the link for you. You'll just have to watch the above video and keep an eye out for the clue (or call the phone number if you get really stumped) . . .

(Oh, and see if you can find the awesome Pixar Easter Egg in the ad, too!)

Don't worry if it takes you a few minutes to find the clue. Especially because the secret clip is totally worth it. Trust me. After seeing that clip, I am no longer skeptical about the awesomeness of Cars 2 (which is now pretty much a certainty).

Boy oh boy do I love viral marketing campaigns . . .

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