Monday, April 25, 2011

Even More on 'Cars 2'...

After the wild week that led up to Easter, I find myself having to post yet another link round-up to catch up on all the amazing news I've missed recently! I'm sorry to my loyal readers. My life has been a bit upside-down lately... But have no fear!! Normal posting has returned, and you can expect many more posts from Disney, etc.

But, for now, here are lots of awesome links (and commentary) so that you (and I) can catch up on everything we might have missed.

Stitch Kingdom has posted a ton of new Cars 2 stuff, including almost 1,000 new characters, some fun facts about the film, and some minor spoilers. Check it out here.

Also over at SK is a collection of brand new Cars 2 concept art and a series of panels showing how the development of a shot progresses--from storyboard (like the image at the top of this post) to final film.

AWN has a great interview with Lasseter all about Cars 2.

Denise Ream, producer of Cars 2, discusses the film in a recent interview with Collider. She discusses how Cars 2 is the most effects-heavy film ever attempted at Pixar. Having seen the trailers and considering the epicness of the premise, this doesn't surprise me in the least...

TPB has a tip-off that Giacchino, everyone's favorite composer, might be doing the underscoring for the short attached to next year's Pixar flick Brave. This sounds about right... Go Giacchino!!

Also at TPB is info about the awesome trip taken by the creative team at Pixar as research for the foreign escapades of Cars 2.

Finally, if you happen to be in or near Walt Disney World around May 13-15, be sure to check out Pixar weekend in Epcot! Speakers include Jonas Riviera and Michael Giacchino (!), but there will be plenty more activities, including Meet and Greets, fun activities for kids, and an awesome Pixar-themed topiary.

That's all the Pixar news I could scrounge up for you, my beloved reader. As I've said before, the more I see about Cars 2, the more excited I am. It looks like it will be a large-scale, exciting, fun action movie. Let's just hope it's got the touching Pixar heart we've all come to love and expect.