Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simba coming at you in Three Dimensions!

/Film and The Hollywood Reporter both report that The Lion King, one of the most beloved Disney films of all-time, will be re-released theatrically . . . in 3D. The rumor mill is a-buzzing that the re-release will be on September 6 of this year to prep the world for the 3D Blu-ray release of the film on October 4.

You can find the 3D Blu-ray trailer at Yahoo! here. The four-disc Diamond Edition can be pre-ordered from Amazon right here.

This is both wonderful and goosebump-enducing. I grew up loving The Lion King--it is one of the defining films of my childhood. For that reason, I am absolutely ecstatic that I am going to get to see "Hakuna Matata" performed on the big screen!

However, the fact that it is going to be in 3D is not only unfortunate, but stupid and lame. I mean, seriously, guys. It's a 2D film, and it should stay that way. When I read a Boston Globe article the other day discussing how 3D films were ruining 2D films due to the misuse of 3D lenses in theaters, I should have remembered that it could be a lot worse. They could turn 2D movies into 3D movies in the convoluted post-conversion process. To me, it doesn't even make sense. But all of my loyal readers out there will know where I stand in the whole "3D opinion spectrum."

Why can't they just re-release great films to theaters, untouched, so we can enjoy them? Why must they muss it all up with their multiple dimensions?

Developing . . .

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Incredibles said...

I just watched the Lion King earlier today with my 4 year old daughter. Its such a coinsidence to see that its coming in 3d. I'm sure she's going to love it.