Saturday, May 31, 2008

9 Days and Counting!

Well, as you probably know, the 3G iPhone is rumored (and supposedly confirmed) to be announced at WWDC on June 9, which is in only 9 days! There have been numerous more iPhone related announcements, rumors, and terrible Photoshop jobs. Here are the best and the worst of 'em:

1. Bioshock for the iPhone!

Bioshock is an awesome game for PC and Xbox 360... and soon for the iPhone! It was annonced that a full, 3D, monster of a game version of Bioshock will be released for the iPhone!

2. More evidence that the 3G iPhone will be coming soon...

  • AT&T has hired some "temporary employees" for a "special product launch for the summer", which they did at about this time last year.
  • AT&T has told all employees that no vacations may be taken between June 15 and July 15, which they did for the last iPhone launch, as well.
3. Then, of course, the good ol' case molds, Photoshop jobs, and random rumors:

Griffin case mold gives away 3G iPhone?

3G iPhone Image Leaked?

Apple's shipments labeled "electronic computers" could be the new iPhones?

It seems more and more like we only need to wait 9 days for the 3G iPhone... I s'pose only time will tell...

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