Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and almost every other Summer Movie

I went to the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull midnight showing. It was a decent movie, there were funny jokes, references to the other Indiana movies, romance, mystery, rotten Soviets, Indiana Jones' son, and it doesn't try to hide the fact that, yes, Indy is older. I wouldn't exactly put the new movie on par with the original trilogy, but it was still really awesome as a movie. It was slightly predictable, and pretty cheesy, but so were the other Indiana Jones movies, and I think that is what adds to the charm of the original series loved by all. I highly recommend that you go and see it. Here's the trailer:

Summer Movies:

Here is a list of the movies coming out between now and August. Some are good. Some are bad. I am basing my reviews purely on early reviews by others, trailers, and general buzz about the movies. I have included the trailers and release dates. Enjoy.

Kung Fu Panda: June 6. Another kids' movie that should be good fro a laugh or two, but no real plot, which is what every movie must have. Hopefully, Jack Black can lighten up the looks of this movie that needs star status to get people into theaters. From the trailer: 6/10.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan: June 6. Adam Sandler's new movie is sure to be hit. It seems very similar to some of his other movies. Yet again, good for laughs, but no extremely strong plot. 6/10.

The Happening
: June 13. M. Night Shyamalan is trying to redeem himself from the atrocity of Lady in the Water, but with no avail. Early reviews are calling this movie a flop. Mark Wahlberg, an awesome actor, hopefully, can save it from disaster. 4/10.

The Incredible Hulk: June 13. Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors, and he is one of the least likely people to play the Hulk. I am excited to see him in this role, though. 7/10.

Get Smart: June 20. I can't wait! From what I can tell from the trailers and clips, Steve Carell plays Maxwell Smart flawlessly! This movie will surely be filled with comedy, action, romance, comedy, adventure, comedy, and comedy. Anne Hathaway, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Alan Arkin join Steve Carell in this sure-to-be hilarious summer hit! 9/10.

The Love Guru
: June 20. Mike Myers plays his usual annoying, supposed-to-be-funny characters. This movie has already been made multiple times. It has no plot, but might be funny for a small laugh or two. This movie is more likely to offend than entertain. 3/10.

WALL-E: June 27. YEAH! Best Movie of the Year. Hands down. This movie has it all: romance, comedy, adventure... Pixar always makes sure to combine excellent animation with an awesome plot to create the best movie possible, and I'm sure that WALL-E won't let you down. 10/10.

Hancock: July 2. This movie looks pretty good. It has a great cast (Will Smith, Jason Bateman), and who can resist a drunken superhero?...Especially one played by Will Smith? 7/10.

Hellboy 2
: July 11. Guillermo Del Toro's movies are always awesome. I loved the first Hellboy, and this one looks like it won't let you down. 8/10.

Meet Dave
: July 11. What can I say? Eddie Murphy. Tiny Space Alien Eddie Murphys. Not funny jokes. 2/10.

Journey 3D: July 11. I loved the book. The movie seems to differ from the book, which is never a good sign. Although, it looks like they have a strong plot, Brendan Fraser, and complete 3D. 8/10.

The Dark Knight: July 18. Christian Bale takes Gotham City on once more, but this time he faces The Joker and Two Face. Awesome Trailer. Great Effects. Sweet Characters and Costumes. Thorough Plot. 9/10.

Step Brothers: July 25. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are Step Brothers. Hilarity Insues. What else must I say? 8/10.

The Mummy Three: August 1. The first two were amazing. Jet Li is amazing. Brendan Fraser is amazing. This movie will be long as they have a good plot. 7/10.

The Rocker: August 1. Rainn Wilson, the hilarious actor that plays Dwight in "The Office", must join his sons rock band since he can play the drums. Hilarity, once again, insues. 8/10.

The Pineapple Express: August 8. James Franco. Seth Rogen. Comedy... Just watch the trailer. 8/10.

Star Wars the Clone Wars
: August 15. Either you love it or you hate it. Stylized Animation. A new Star Wars movie. I don't know what to think about this one. Only time will tell.

Tropic Thunder: August 15. This movie looks thoroughly awesome. Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. as a black man, all star in a movie as actors that think they are filming a war movie, when they are in a real war. 9/10. (Keep in mind that this is a Red Band Trailer)

As you can see, there are so many good movies coming out this summer. I hope you found some that you want to go see. Personally, I can't wait for WALL-E, Tropic Thunder, or Get Smart! Bye.

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