Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disney Parks to "Simplify and Streamline Product Delivery"

Today Disney announced that it will consolidate the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts' operating structure in a hope to "streamline decision-making and eliminate redundancy".

They feel that the consumer doesn't want multiple images of the Disney company and its parks, but rather "one-Disney" experience:

"We know that our Guests want a 'one-Disney' experience and we must organize around that expectation," said Rasulo. "The long-term success of Parks and Resorts depends upon our ability to adapt and innovate and respond to Guest preferences. These changes are essential to maintaining our leadership position in family tourism and reflect today's economic realities."
As a result, the management for the separate, domestic parks will consolidate into one organization in a hope to make the parks more similar and turn the consumer's view of multiple "Disneys" into "one-Disney":
A new Global Business Development team led by Executive Vice President Nick Franklin will combine the existing development functions of business and real estate development. The team will be responsible for driving growth by working with existing businesses on their development strategies, while also exploring new business opportunities around the globe.

Another interesting thing about this new policy and management is that now Imagineering will "be reorganized into a single practice merging resort development with attractions and entertainment development to bring the creativity of Disney storytelling to the design and delivery of products at all Disney destinations."

All of these changes are effective immediately, but chances are that this will not really change much about the parks to us consumers; just to execs, managers and the other "behind-the-scenes" people.

Source: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Press Releases

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