Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lasseter Family Winery

Briefly: John Lasseter is my hero. He is the head of Walt Disney Imagineering, the head of Walt Disney Animation Studios, and he is, and has been, very influential at Pixar. Everyone knows that Lasseter never does anything halfway, especially when it comes to films and their stories. Well, Mr. Lasseter isn't necessarily moving on from these dream positions at Disney, but he is starting something new that has nothing to do with film or story, but it does have to with quality . . .

Let's cut to the chase: The Lasseter Family Winery is now open for business in Glen Ellen, California. According to the official site, "the story of Lasseter Family Winery began in 1992 when John and Nancy Lasseter moved to the town of Sonoma and discovered the art of winemaking through a group of amateur winemaking friends. For them, it was a leap from appreciating wine to immersing themselves in the winemaking process."

Their winery "meets one simple goal: to produce the highest quality wine possible."

And, the best part of all, Wally B. has made an appearance in Lasseter's winery's logo!

You can order wine right this second from John Lasseter himself!