Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pixar's Box Office Goes 'Up' [UPDATED]

Not surprisingly, Up is doing wonderfully at the box office. It has already made $21.4 million at the Friday box office, making it Walt Disney Pictures' second best ever opening day for an animated feature (WALL-E still holds number one with just a few million more than Up).

Looking at this makes it almost guaranteed that Up will be the box office champ for this weekend, and may even beat WALL-E's $63.1 million opening weekend. Great! Go Up!

Stay up-to-date on Up's current box office numbers with the Box Office Mojo widget on the right.

Update: Over the weekend, Up easily beat every other movie in theaters, and also beat WALL-E with a cool $68.2 million. This puts Up in 3rd place when it comes to Pixar's opening weekend box offices; it is beat by The Incredibles ($70.4) and Finding Nemo ($70.2).

Way to go Up!!

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