Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'Up' Soundtrack Info Announced

Finally! Ever since I attended the pre-screening of Up, I have been constantly 'Googling' its soundtrack. The score of Up was absolutely phenomenal, easily my favorite out of every other one of Pixar's films' scores. The score of Up was very sentimental and moving without being 'in-your-face' or all that distracting from the film. The soundtrack is wonderful.

Well, now the details for that very soundtrack have been announced! It will be released on May 26, just before that actual films' release. This is very odd for Pixar; maybe they got caught up in all of the Cannes excitement, but their soundtracks are usually released weeks or even months before the films are . . .

Here is the track listing (my definite favorite is "Married Life")!

1. Up With Titles
2. We’re In the Club Now
3. Married Life
4. Carl Goes Up
5. 52 Chachki Pickup
6. Paradise Found
7. Walkin’ the House
8. Three Dog Dash
9. Kevin Beak’n
10. Canine Conundrum
11. The Nickel Tour
12. The Explorer Motel
13. Escape from Muntz Mountain
14. Giving Muntz the Bird
15. Stuff We Did
16. Memories Can Weigh You Down
17. The Small Mailman Returns
18. He’s Got the Bird
19. Seizing the Spirit of Adventure
20. It’s Just a House
21. The Ellie Badge
22. Up With End Credits
23. The Spirit of Adventure
24. Carl’s Maiden Voyage (sound effects)
25. Muntz’s Dark Reverie (sound effects)
26. Meet Kevin in the Jungle (sound effects)

Very exciting! Best album cover ever, best soundtrack ever, and, possibly even the best Pixar film ever! I cannot wait to pop that sucker into my computer and hit repeat for weeks after May 26. Visit Amazon's product page! Read my full Up review!


C said...

this is one of the best animated movies in the history, the animation is incredible, the characters are so funny, specially Dug.

www.vizcaya-3d.com said...

It can't really have success, I feel so.