Saturday, July 11, 2009

3D Not So Popular Anymore... Surprised?

It begins. I didn't think that it would happen this soon, but articles are starting to appear stating the decline of 3D! I have always stated how much I dislike 3D, and I have always predicted its inevitable decline, as well as everybody's realization of its gimmicky nature. I thought this would happen in a few years, but, luckily, we may not have to put with 3D for much longer--at least that's what the LA Times thinks...

According to them:
As more movies play in digital 3-D, there’s evidence that audiences are becoming
less interested in the ballyhooed format that many in Hollywood have predicted
will stem the long-term erosion of theater attendance.
And, their data states that:
The ratio of grosses in theaters with 3-D screens to those that are 2-D only has
declined significantly and fairly consistently since “My Bloody Valentine,” the
first film this year to play on a mix of both, suggesting audience interest in
the new format is waning.
Well, there's much more to read in the article here, but I would just like to say that I have predicted this all along. And I say, good riddance. There's a place for gimmicks and that's carnivals, the circus, and theme parks. They can have all the 3D and even 4D they want--just keep it out of my movie theaters! 3D is OK I suppose, but I definitely prefer brighter colors and no glasses. Simple is best. 2D is perfectly fine without another dimension butting in.

Source: LA Times

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Joel said...

It's far from dead buddy. Maybe less theaters are showing it in 3D, but the ones that do show 3D are filling up. Case and point how well Monsters vs. Aliens and Up did. Disney has a lot coming up, all in 3D. There are a lot of movies that have been announced too that are barely in pre-production.

I don't believe companies like Disney will be letting go of 3D anytime soon when movies like Up become their second best film.