Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disneyland (and California Adventure) Updates

I was at Disneyland yesterday. It was tons of fun, as usual. There was a lot of construction over at California Adventure, but that didn't matter; the new Mickey on the Ferris Wheel looks phenomenal, the boardwalk games are much better (but still not perfect), and I went on Toy Story Mania 7 times.

So, here are a bunch of Disneyland (and California Adventure) updates straight from my trip and the corners of the internet:

  • This first bit of news is depressing, but reminds me of one of the simplest and best parts of my favorite Frontierland ride, Big Thunder Mountain. Dallas McKennon did voice over work for Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, The Jungle Book, and Mary Poppins, but that isn't why anybody who's anybody knows him; he's the one who warns you that Big Thunder is the "wildest ride in the wilderness!". I know that that warning always makes you smile as it does to me as well. Sadly, Dallas, who has warned millions of guests within the attraction, has passed away just days away from his 90th birthday. He will be remembered forever on the wildest ride in the wilderness.
  • This piece of news didn't sound true when I first heard it. You know how several attractions get makeovers for Halloween (Haunted Mansion gets Nightmare Before Christmas-ized, etc.)? Now Space Mountain, arguably Disneyland's best thrill ride, is getting a makeover for Halloween. The "Ghost Galaxy", as put by the LA Times, 'features a new soundtrack and ghostly and ghoulish projections.' The “Halloween Time” event runs from Sept. 25 through Nov. 1 and includes Space Mountain's makeover, a new fireworks show, and more villains strolling through the park.
  • Also, take a look at the above sign which was located on Main Street yesterday notifying guests that they were filming a Halloween commercial. (Space Mountain image courtesy of Blue Sky Disney.)
  • Weird Al is one of my favorite musicians. His songs are catchy, incredibly well-written, and very, very funny. The parodies he does are some of my favorite songs I have ever heard, and his original songs may be even better. He has just released a new video accompanying his new single, Skipper Dan. The song is Disneyland-related, but I'll let you listen for yourself and see how hilarious it really is, especially for the Disneyland fan. Watch it here and enjoy!
  • Sadly, the Blue Sky Cellar located within DCA which showcases all of the changes coming to Disney's California Adventure, was closed during my visit and opened just today. Luckily, however, they have just launched a virtual Blue Sky Cellar which you can explore right here from the comfort of your keyboard. It has videos and images all about Buena Vista Street, the Carthay Circle Theater, Cars Land, the Little Mermaid dark ride, the upcoming Light and Water show, and more! Explore it all right here. Also, read some more about the changes coming to DCA here.
  • While we are looking at all of these changes to everybody's favorite theme park created on a napkin by Michael Eisner, I might as well show you these couple of pictures I took which show all of the spouts and fancy underwater controls for the Wonderful World of Color show.

This is all I have to report for now, but come back for even more Disneyland updates as the construction gets further down the line.

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