Sunday, January 3, 2010

Official 'Toy Story' Lego Sets Released

After waiting for month after month, the Toy Story LEGO sets are now available! The Toy Story sets can be found at LEGO stores, toy stores, and countless other virtual stores online. They are pretty great. I'll walk you through each and every glorious, plastic set inspired by the Pixar films:

Woody and Buzz to the Rescue!

Cost: $19.99

Pieces: 92

Minifigs: Buzz and Woody

LEGO Number: 7590

Interactivity: This set is mildly interactive with RC's "motor action" and the ability to strap Buzz to "The Big One".

Woody's Round-up

Cost: $49.99

Pieces: 502

Minifigs: Bullseye, Woody, Jessie, and Stinky Pete

LEGO Number: 7594

Interactivity: This one is very interactive with the ability to "turn the wheel to eject the back wall of jail," "use the boardwalk catapult to trap Stinky Pete," and use the goldmine which is "loaded with dynamite, exploding rocks, and secret traps!"

Buzz's Star Command Spaceship

Cost: $29.99

Pieces: 257

LEGO Number: 7593

Minifigs: Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg

Interactivity: This one isn't very interactive since its only two features include a moon buggy that deploys from the back of the spaceship, and the ability to open the cockpit to seat Buzz at the control.

Army Men on Patrol

Cost: $10.99

Pieces: 90

LEGO Number: 7595

Minifigs: 4 Green Army Men

Interactivity: This one isn't very interactive since its at the lower end of the Toy Story LEGO line-up. The jeep just has a spare tire, and that's about it.


Cost: $24.99

Pieces: 211

LEGO Number: 7592

Minifigs: 1 Little Green Alien and Buzz Lightyear

Interactivity: Buzz has quite a bit of interactive features: you can "flick fire Buzz's laser cannon," he has a "retractable helmet that protects Buzz in outer space," and you can "move the wings on Buzz's jetpack."


Cost: $24.99

Pieces: 118

LEGO Number: 7591

Minifigs: 1 Little Green Alien and Emperor Zurg

Interactivity: This one is fairly interactive and features a "powerful sphere-shooting cannon" and a "rotating waist."

Well, those are the long-awaited Toy Story LEGO sets. For more information and pictures visit the product page on I must say that these sets are a slight let-down since there aren't any massive, more than 1000-pieces sets; all of these seem to be more aimed towards the beginning LEGO-builder and lack a real attention to detail. Nevertheless, I am still excited about the great match-up of LEGOs and Pixar, and I will certainly get each and every one of these sets.


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