Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'Princess and the Frog' Score Ineligible at Oscars

Randy Newman wrote a wonderful score for Disney's most recent animated masterpiece, The Princess and the Frog. However, after having mailed the nominations ballots, the Music Branch Executive Committee of the Academy Awards decided that the score for the film could not be eligible for an Oscar due to Rule 16, Section II, Paragraph E: "...scores diluted by the use of tracked themes or other preexisting music, diminished in impact by the predominant use of songs, or assembled from the music of more than one composer shall not be eligible." They have yet to specify which rule the score has broken.

If you loved the music of The Princess and the Frog like I did, don't feel too bad. The film is still eligible to win with one of its four original songs. And, frankly, it should do very well in this category, being up against songs from Avatar and Nine (neither of which are anything special). Sorry there, Randy. At least you can look forward to an Oscar for one of your great original songs.

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