Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Link Roundup: Dumbo, Toys, and Neil Patrick Harris is Seeing Blue

There's usually a manageable amount of Disney news to report on, but today there was simply an avalanche of great things in the world of Disney. This post will point you in the right direction so you can read all about it.

The Official Disney Parks Blog has released the above video to tell us all about their upcoming attraction, the Silly Symphony Swings.

Last year, The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios showcased tons of great stuff from Up. This year, they are showcasing Toy Story 3 props, artwork, etc. Read about it over at The Pixar Blog.

The New York Post is reporting that the next Disney film that will be ported to the glittering lights of Broadway is Dumbo. This is pretty surprising, and I don't know if I quite buy it. A stage production of the classic Disney film would be just too weird.

Above you will find the newest Toy Story 3 character, Twitch. Read more here.

Stitch Kingdom has a great roundup about Disney's recent domain name purchases. They allude to possible new productions, including Cars Toons, Ant Man, and more.

This final piece of news is, frankly, the most exciting. Neil Patrick Harris, it has just been said, will star in the upcoming Smurfs film! Mr. Harris has to be one of my favorite actors with a great sense of humor and a lot of talent when it comes to singing (hopefully he'll have a musical number in the Smurfs film). The Smurfs movie will be about real people, like Harris, stumbling upon the world of little blue people.

That's all the Disney, etc. news there is for today, but keep checking back. You just never know what might happen when it comes to Disney, Pixar, Movies, and everything in-between.


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