Monday, March 8, 2010

Toy Story Mania's Secret

This summer, a lot is happening for Disney and Pixar. Mainly, Disney's California Adventure will be in the middle of its huge expansion and Toy Story 3 will come out. These two events may not seem like they're attached to each other, but they are.

When the Imagineers created the Toy Story Mania! attraction, they knew that it would be incredibly easy to replace the existing games with newer ones. Unlike The Haunted Mansion and other attractions that need to be closed for weeks for renovations or decorating, Toy Story Mania! could be closed for only a day or two while they update the software projected on the ride's many screens.

And this is exactly what the Imagineers are planning to do. When Toy Story 3 is released in theaters, park guests will get an unexpected surprise during their ride of Toy Story Mania! when completely new games (presumably with the new characters) are present.

But that's not all. They also plan to dress up the attraction for holiday seasons. The Imagineers could put in new games involving snow and Santa Claus, etc. Also, did you know that ol' Don Rickles recorded hours and hours of his voice for the Potato Head Barker? What you hear now is merely a fraction of what the amazing, life-size figurine has to offer. Among the yet-to-be-heard audio is Christmas carols, that they would program the spud to sing if and when they dress up the entire attraction for the yuletide.

If you didn't love Toy Story Mania! already, here's another reason to: it will constantly be updated to keep the attraction fresh, seasonal, and updated to match the film franchise. The attraction will be always changing, and you'll never know what to expect once you go through the doors of Andy's toy box.

Source: Blue Sky Disney

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