Friday, May 27, 2011

'Muppets' Teaser: The Fuzzy Pack

Above you'll find the most recent Muppets teaser, "cleverly" titled The Fuzzy Pack.

If you couldn't tell, it's trying to be a witty spin-off of The Hangover franchise, playing on the film's recent hype.

However, I think this teaser falls completely flat. It's boring. I mean, "fuzzy pack" doesn't even sound like "wolf pack"--it has got a different number of syllables, for pete's sake. I am a bit irked that something as amazingly creative and funny as The Muppets would parody something as unoriginal as The Hangover 2. That's what's wrong with Hollywood, ladies and gentleman; they look at box office numbers and mimic whoever's on top without once considering their target audience, the art form that is film, the integrity of their project, etc.

I am excited for The Muppets and I have faith in it, I just wish their marketing strategy was a bit more . . . tasteful.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The 'Green with Envy' teaser was fantastic. But this new one just falls completely flat. Not funny or compelling or speaking to anything about the film. Big misstep. Still, I remain very excited and hopeful for the new Muppet movie.