Saturday, April 9, 2011

NYTimes talks Muppets

Today, the New York Times posted a very interesting article about the upcoming Muppets film.

The article discusses the fact that Kermit and his pals, who have most likely been shoved aside in favor of more computer-generated characters, haven't had a decent hit since The Muppet Movie 32 years ago. If this next film (called, quite simply, The Muppets) is a flop, the Muppets may be gone forever. After all, having something that doesn't make money is bad business.

Before this film got the greenlight, the world's favorite banjo-playing frog was stuck doing theme park gigs and viral videos, but now he has a shot. And, so far, it looks promising. You have to remember that the Muppets were made to act as if they were real, and play to an adult audience. For that reason, it is a very good sign that Nick Stoller and Jason Segal (Get Him to the Greek, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) are the upcoming film's screenwriters. They know a thing or two about adult humor, which is meant to be in Muppet films.

The film features Amy Adams and Jason Segal bringing a new Muppet, Walter, to Hollwood in search of Muppet Studios. The studio is broken down, but Kermit is willing to get the gang back together for a big fundraising variety show!

The plot sounds rather cliche, but I don't care. I'm sure it'll be awesome once the Muppets take hold of it. And, although the script is very simple, it sounds like lots of awesome add-ons made their way into it, such as a massive song-and-dance number that shut down Hollywood Boulevard for two days. Or tons of celebrity cameos, including Neil Patrick Harris (!), Ricky Gervais, Zach Galifianakis, Alan Arkin, Emily Blunt, Lady Gaga, Danny Trejo, and Dave Grohl. You surely know that I'm not one to drool over the star power of a picture, but come on! Neil, Ricky, and Zach!? In one movie with the Muppets?! How much better could it get? Maybe the fact that a Toy Story short comes before it!?!

OK. Sorry. I'm calm . . .

Needless to say, I love the Muppets. You love the Muppets. Everyone loves the Muppets. In fact, I am having serious trouble figuring out why Disney has waited so long to release a huge Muppets movie like this. Hollywood is obsessed with already-established characters, and it seems like a no-brainer to do a big budget Muppets movie.

Oh well, at least we're finally getting one; hopefully with more to come. Let's all hope, for the sake of future Muppets films and things, that this movie makes Disney lots and lots of money . . .

Read the full article here, and do your part on November 23 later this year and go buy three hundred tickets to The Muppets.

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