Monday, April 11, 2011

Pixar POP! figures to enter Disney Stores, empty my wallet

To the left of this text is a POP! figure, and it is planning to steal my hard-earned cash as I type this sentence.

At just four inches tall, it's adorably simple and, of course, lovingly Pixarian. It is one piece of a more massive collection of POP! figurines, including Woody, Buzz, Mike Wazowski, Mickey Mouse, and Maleficent, with "Incredibles, Lotso, Boo, Jack Skellington, Minnie Mouse, Belle, Steamboat Willie, the Beast, and more surprises" set to come.

Some Pixar and Disney bobble heads are expected to pop up in a similar style, as well.

Wave One of these beauties, which includes the mentioned Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story characters, as well as mickey and Maleficent, is expected to hit North American Disney Stores and this May.

Oh boy . . . !

Source: Pixar Talk

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